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Veyron Mobile

Our program provides to the users the opportunity of pursuing their purchase and sale transactions, their orders, their payments and cash proceeds on mobile phone and tablet without using any computer. Then it is also available to prepare and keep the reports of these processes and to manage their stocks or current accounts without being in need of using computer. If users want, they can backup these data in the Cloud storage and they can continue their processes on another mobile devices with using data in the Cloud storage if they download our program to that device.

Version Information;

The program consists of 3 versions.

Version 1; Veyron Mobile Accounting Application

veyron4            veyron-6

The version that is published here, is belong to cloud technology. It can works on phone and tablet.

Version 2; WinSAT Micro

It is a version that integrates the informations (or data) of sales, orders and cash proceeds  to Workgroup or Micro software, which is installed in centre, with 3g technology or Wi-Fi, in the centre.

veyron-2      veyron-5

Version 3; Workgroup Mobile

This version is designed to work on android tablets and mobile phones. It contains the orders, invoice, cash proceeds and disbursement modules which are required for pre-accountancy. The version works integrated with Workgroup software. It can be used with 3G, Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection. It aims to avoid the firms from paying high costs of software and hardware systems. A 10 ” or 13.3″ tablet can be used like a personal computer when the program is installed on them.

veyron  veyron-7 veyron3

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1994 yılında kurulan şirketimiz günümüzde Ot/Vt alanında gıda sektörü başta olmak üzere barkod sisteminde kullanılan bir çok ekipmanı ithal ederek bayi ve son kullanıcı ile buluşturmakta, geliştirmiş olduğu yazılımlarla beraber stok yönetimi konusunda komple çözümler üretmektedir.


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