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Scantech SK40




User’s Manual


SK40 is a color-screen Price Verifiers. With 4.3 inch color display and price checker functionality, it can provide customer who prefer a color display and easy access to the information. SK40 will provide the price verifying functionality for customer self-service. With the color screen, the SK-40 also provides” Vivid broadcasting”( Optional by project base) function with the ability to play multi-media formats (including picture and Video) which are applied in Stores for promotion and advertisements. Furthermore, the SK-40 supported remote web configuration management; it will be convenient for system control management, who can monitor and manage all SK-40’s deployed store-wide from a central control room. The SK-40 Rotatable scanner window design provides flexibility to adjust the scanner different installation altitude barcode scan and many more optional feature can be select, for example wireless networking (IEEE 802.11 B/G/N 2.4GHz ) Power Over Ethernet and Exit-Gate control function.


  • SK40 color screen price verifier (none touch screen)
  • Multimedia support with High quality speakers
  • Compact dimension for easy to deploy virtually anywhere in the store
  • Easy to deploy and map out digital promotion image/video media (Optional by project base)
  • Rotatable scanner window for installation.
  • Comprehensive networking options: IEEE 802.11 B/G/N 2.4GHz
  • Browser display technology for user friendly access to remotely configure, diagnose, monitor and
  • troubleshoot devices
  • Power Over Ethernet and Entry/Exit-Gate control function support (Optional)


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