camlica-logoWho is Camlica Barcode ?

Camlica Barcode is a company founded in 1994. We have been selling barcode systems since 1994, after 2000 we started to develop software. Our commercial activity is not in only Turkey, but also foreign country.


Business Segment

We serve software and hardware on retail, wholesale, glassware and textile firms.

We are not just selling, provide to setup and after sales support.



What we offer ?

  • We have over 2 decades of expertise & knowledge.
  • We’re different from other companies — we’ll show you all your best options, how to use something, & be your first line of support.
  • We offer products at BETTER prices on most items due to our business relationships with manufacturers and their distributors.
  • We’ll do our best to beat all of our competitor’s price.


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