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DIGI SM5500 Bsa Scale





SM-5000BSα PC based self service scale is designed with the concept that a self service scale should be smart, simple to use and intuitive for users to navigate between PLUs with ease.

Effortless product browsing

With a full color 12.1″ touch display that presents product pictures and PLUs vividly without the need to strain the eyes, users can easily navigate through for fast access to the item to be weighed.
Smart touch key function presents the most frequently selected product PLUs which is useful for seasonal sales or promotional periods. This will further reduce the time to search for products which the customers want to purchase during that period.


Visual and audio guidance

Prompt users with visual and audio functions using its large 12.1″ touch display and built-in speaker. With the vocal guide and easy to understand illustrations, users will be guided through every step without the need for any staff intervention.




Electronic signage solution

Database updates at the server are automatically sent to the e.LABEL, InfoCard and InfoTag, ensuring that pricing is in sync with the checkout at all times.
Hi-Touch function enables fast and easy PLU retrieval by acting as a remote preset key, eliminating the need to memorize PLU numbers.

Fast operation and printing speed

Equipped with a fast processor and printer to provide users a seamless experience. The fast printer provides high speed printing up to 150mm/second so no operation lag will ever  be experienced.

Self and remote diagnostics functions

The self service scale also comes with self diagnostics that users can program to email alerts when a label change is needed. This feature will minimize the need for constant monitoring, and allow effective manpower allocation where needed.
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1994 yılında kurulan şirketimiz günümüzde Ot/Vt alanında gıda sektörü başta olmak üzere barkod sisteminde kullanılan bir çok ekipmanı ithal ederek bayi ve son kullanıcı ile buluşturmakta, geliştirmiş olduğu yazılımlarla beraber stok yönetimi konusunda komple çözümler üretmektedir.


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