Maken SK-325

  SPECIFICATIONS Dimension: 325(W)x475(D)x130(H) mm Net weight: 8.10kgs with 6 Bills/8 Coins (Metal wire grips) FEATURES Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC Textured hybrid powder coat Steel front with two media slots Solenoid unit with 12V / 24V volt, Interface to any POS...
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Maken FT-460 Flip Top

  The FT-460 is a Maken flip top cash drawer and is very popular in compact retail environments. FT-460 features an interface that can be attached to most retail systems or POS terminals. The removable insert can be changed when a new shift or cashier is coming on duty and...
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Ingenico Cash Driwer

            The cash driwer has five compartment for coins, and 3 compartment banknotes. It is automatically opened, if there is connection with cash register and charge unit.
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